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How Are Auto Emails Triggered?

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PodOps sends automatic emails when an order is moved from or to a certain place in the system, or when a certain action is taken on an order.

Below is a description of all automatic emails, and how/when they are triggered.

Artwork Approval Email
Order moves to Customer Artfile Approval after being approved by Artfile Quality Controller (or after being uploaded by an Artist if ‘Skip Artfile Quality Controller’ is enabled. This email is note sent if you have chosen to skip Customer Artfile Approval in your Order Flow Settings
Approval Reminder Email
The email is sent based on the time that has passed since the initial Artwork Approval Email. You can set this up in the Email Templates area.
Order Issue Email
Order moves to Image/Order Issues by an Image Processor via a Rejection Reason. Note that this email is not triggered when an order is manually moved by an Admin/Support user and bypasses the ‘Rejection Reason’ process.
Order Issue Reminder Emails
These are only sent if an initial Order Issue email is triggered. Order Issue Reminders are triggered based on the time that has passed since the initial Order Issue trigger, as per the Email Template settings for each reminder email.
This email is triggered when a customer has approved all artfiles in an order, and only if upsells are enabled in your account.
Digital Download
This email is triggered when a customer purchases the digital version of the artwork from their customer dashboard. It is only sent if the digital download settings have been completed in your Store Settings.
Return to Customer
This email is triggered when an Artfile Quality Controller sends an order back to a customer, after receiving a revision request that they do not want to forward to an artist.
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