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How does PodOps save me money?

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PodOps saves you money quite simply.

We are an all-in-one solution designed for managing custom ecommerce stores. Until recently, you typically had to use paid subscriptions to: • Trello • Google Sheets • Google Drive • Zapier • Integromat • And more

And even after paying over $1000 in monthly subscription fees, the ‘order management’ system you created was still not doing the job as well as you needed it to.

We were in your position.

Until we built PodOps.

PodOps takes over all of the automations and tasks you were using the list of software above for, and we do it in a much better way.

You pay a minimal monthly fee for 1 piece of software (that actually makes you money if you enable Upsells etc.), instead of paying for multiple subscriptions for software that was never designed for your business needs.

The average PodOps user saves over $300 per month in app subscription fees.

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