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Viewing Order Details in PodOps

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How PodOps Pull Order Details into PodOps

Date: March 3, 2022

Author: Adam Reed

Source: Tango

1. When a customer places an order on Shopify, it automatically gets pulled into PodOps

If you aren't seeing orders inside your PodOps account, ensure 'Enable Orders' is switched on in your Store Settings.

2. Here are the order details as shown in Shopify

3. The order will arrive in PodOps. Click 'View' to see further details.

4. Here you'll see the Order Details

You can see the order details, shipping details and more.

5. You can also see Product Details

PodOps receives the product name, quantity, variants, and any extra line item properties too.

6. PodOps also received the photo attached by the customer

The photo file is automatically re-named to match the product to which it was attached.The format follows: Order Number - Product - Variants and Line Items - Photo Upload Button Name.

We include the photo upload button ID as this is really helpful when you are selling products with multiple image uploads.

7. You can also see comments added by your team members

8. Folder History displays the movement of the order inside PodOps

This workflow was created with Tango.

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