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Who built PodOps?

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PodOps was founded by Adam Reed, also the founder of Crown & Paw, the fastest growing custom print on demand brand in the world.

Crown & Paw experienced tremendous growth in 2019, but struggled to manage orders with the huge demand. Ultimately, orders arrived late and thousands of customers sent angry emails, requested refunds, and opened chargebacks with banks.

The order management struggles stemmed from a lack of a proper order management software for custom print on demand. There was literally no solution out there, so Crown & Paw built their own.

Fast forward to 2020, and Crown & Paw were able to produce orders in a matter of hours instead of weeks, and were able to keep customers much happier, while generating double the amount of revenue compared to the previous year, with a lot less work!

In 2021 the Crown & Paw team decided to package their internal order management system in to a tool for other businesses. That tool was named PodOps, and here we are!

Adam, the founder of Crown & Paw and PodOps, was listed on the prestigious Forbes 30 Under 30 list in 2021 for his achievements in E-Commerce.

He believes he is the right person to steer custom print on demand (and the wider custom ecommerce / custom gifting market) in the right direction. His goal with PodOps is to make starting and scaling a custom ecommerce business much easier, and to provide work for artists and creatives around the world.

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